Success Takes Mistakes – Ways to be Successful

Success Takes Mistakes - Ways to be Successful

Failures and mistakes are as much a part of life as are air, food and water. When you are on your way to success, it is inevitable that there will be failures and mistakes many a times. However, it is necessary that you keep your motivation up in these times and do not give up midway.


The most successful of people in the world have made mistakes and they know that failures are a corollary to success. Before you reach the level of success you want, you will meet with numerous failures and you will still make mistakes after you’ve achieved that success. Instead of letting it get to your head, it is important that you use your self motivation skills and keep yourself focused on working towards your goals.

Whenever you feel down and de-motivated, it helps to know a few things:

Firstly, you are not the only one who made a mistake. At any time, there are millions of people who are making mistakes in life. Rather, you must learn your lesson from your mistakes and failures and move on. Instead of letting your mind get stuck in the failures and mistakes, use your self understanding skills to move over them.

Secondly, realize that you are not in the worst situation ever. There are always people who are in even worse situations than you. Bask in the light of the fact that you are so much better than millions of people around the world. What’s important is that you took action. Only 1% of people actually take action and those are the only ones who are successful. Be happy that you are soon going to be one of them. You are best at what you do and you’ll reach where you want one day or the other.

Finally, all is NEVER over. Oftentimes, we put all our hopes on a single thing and when we fail at it or even make a small mistake, we loose all hope and the self motivation that we build after great efforts goes on decreasing. This is bad for your success. You must always keep your spirits high and realize that the failures and the mistakes are not the end of the world. There is one good life to be led ahead and this just a stage which is bound to pass.

At the end of the day, all comes down to not giving up, keeping your self motivation high and moving forward on the way to success.


(Last Updated: April 22nd, 2017)

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  1. Am on my way to be the best footballer in the world. Hope everyone gets what he dreams about and never give up. Success is a choice. Giving up is a choice. N You choose to work hard you choose to fight you choose to be successful.

  2. Believe in your direction and do it. Spend less time talking and wasting or idolizing bullshit and more time like trying to perfect it and work on it and put it out there.

  3. people think im not gonna success on anything they think im mean ugly they think i will never be what i plan to be but what i do is never give up

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