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Success & Money – Searching for Success

Success & Money - Searching for Success

I haven’t posted about success and money yet.  I’ve been thinking about incorporating it for a long and will continue to post about personal finance from time to time because it is a motivator for me and probably is for you too.  It’s be a long time so here it is.My thoughts:I want to start with my thoughts first.  My belief is having or making a lot of money is not the key indicator of success.  I have seen many people with a lot of money be miserable.  When I was a bartender at an elite private golf club I saw many rich people crying and drowning their sorrows in alcohol.  That is not success to me.


Having friends, loving family, and enjoying your life to the fullest is success to me.  Helping others and loving what you do as a job is also success to me.  I believe money helps ease worries and should be used for the good of people, but is not the best way to measure success.


Someone once told me, “it’s not how much you make, but how much you keep”.  The only way I am aware of doing this is by having little bills to pay so the money you make can be used to help you, your family, and other notable causes.  If you are like me and have debt, learn to pay it off.  I am using Dave Ramsey’s methods to kill my family’s debt so we can live the life we want no matter what.

I also like the idea of living with very little, but I can tell you it is not for me or my family.  We don’t need/want the finer things like sports cars and so on.  But we do and will indulge once in a while as long as it is within means.  I do hope to have an abundance of money, but only so I can make an impact on others now and when I am no longer on earth.


Success is doing the best you can with what you have.  Success is a journey.  Being a good person, a friend to others, a good parent to your children, a honest/trustworthy/ethical business owner/employee.  Always looking to be better and improve are parts of your success journey.

These are the things which should make us a success.  It is not about a big fancy house or car.  Those things just mean you paid a lot of money for those things and you are trying to impress people.  It doesn’t mean success, it means you have more bills.  That is NOT something you should be aiming to achieve.

All together:

A lot of money does not equal success.  It may mean you are good at your job or maybe you just have the right connections.  Having a fulfilling job/career equals success and usually come with a bigger paycheck too.

The better things in life mean success and they aren’t the material things.  These better things are family, friends, and loving your life.

When searching for success, focus on those better things and learn ways to improve them.  Once you have accomplished this, you have found success.

(Last Updated: 28th March 2017)

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  1. Mary E

    Think it, believe it, receive it! These principles are helpful to everyone.

  2. angela

    Decide to be wealthy and define how

  3. Edna Pennington

    I have a dream too and I will make it in this year I have a resolution and I am gonna make it is not over until I win

  4. Johnson

    Dreams are only accomplished by HARD WORK! The fact that you don’t want to go to school, means that you should. If you are prepared to sacrifice what you are for what you will become…you cannot be stopped and you can accomplish anything you want! It seems that you have to conquer your own fears in your head. You can be a good student! but you have to want to be! Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually right!

  5. Susan

    epic motivation…just beautiful…thank you

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