Stop Procrastinating in 5 Easy Steps

Stop Procrastinating in 5 Easy Steps

Do you find yourself avoiding tasks and responsibilities, putting off your goals and plans? I’m sure you do. We all do sometimes.Here are the most practical, quickest and simplest methods I use to get myself to stop procrastinating and start DOING…


1. Confront yourself

Acknowledge the fact that you’re procrastinating, and try to figure out WHY.

– Is it because you’re afraid of failing?
– Is it because it’s a boring task?
– Is it because you’re not sure HOW to do it?

What’s stopping you?

2. Stop planning

When you find yourself stuck in THINKING about what you should do instead of actually doing, it may be the time to stop thinking and start doing.

Instead of trying to figure out the best, more efficient way to go about things and end up doing nothing, stop planning. Just start with something. Anything.

Instead of going over all the steps in your mind and become overwhelmed, simply let go of your worries and act.

3. Do the smallest thing you can do right now

You want to work out? Put on your sneakers, or do just ONE pushup.

Need to study? Just open the book and read ONE line, ANY line.

Start with the tiniest, even silliest action that will give you momentum in the right direction.

4. See the end result in mind.

You need just a vague idea of your desired result, even if you’re not sure if it’s realistic. Just picture it in your mind. Be imaginative….

5. Make it fun!

Try to find a way to make it as easy, amusing and less boring as you can.

It could also be WHERE you do it, or WHEN you do it.

Go wild… or just do it with a smile on your face.


(Last Updated: April 22nd, 2017)

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