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The Motivation Manager – Personal Development: Now

Personal Development

Personal development begins now. Wherever we are, we should start now. Fling a dart at the dartboard of life with a blindfold on and hit something, anything. That “anything” can be improved, today. Now how?  How now? (Dr. Seuss had it figured out)


An action or a thought can happen, now.Vocabulary?Fitness?Motivation?Looks?Initiative?Goal setting? The point here is that personal development is often seen as a lengthy metamorphosis. Perhaps, but it also begins with a thought.Thoughts are instantaneous. Thoughts are the vehicle of intelligence. Therefore, we can get smarter instantaneously. Read, watch, listen, and learn, now.

If  the “hodge-podge” approach seems vague and ridiculous, I beg you to reconsider. Humans are complex, our minds are most complex. We are governed by brains that defy comprehension in their infinite storage, filing, and relating of information.Give the brain everything, anything, and it will process the facts to your benefit at some point in time.

Our personal development next depends on action. Action is present tense, in other words, “Now!” Since actions follow thought, it won’t be a “willy-nilly” moment.Actions are immediate, yet determined. I knew a guy in college, a music major like myself.  He was okay, a decent player.

So, when he told me he wanted to be a studio musician in Nashville, I inwardly scoffed. Little did I know that he was halfway there in his mind (ah-ha!) and each day he accomplished 15 small goals towards his personal development.Dude wasn’t waiting around for the Talent Train!

Yes, a dream, an ideal of you, the final product is great. It just does not have to keep you, or me, or your friends, or my kids from improving ourselves many times a day. Actually, we will come closer to the ideal as we gather information and act upon it.

That positive path awaits our steps. It is encouraging and exciting to embrace personal development. Our lives are ours.“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” – R. Buckminster Fuller. Beyond having the coolest name, ole “Bucky” had it figured out.

Let us begin.

(Last Updated: 28th March 2017)

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