Is Being Wealthy Same As Being Success?

Is Being Wealthy Same As Being Success

I have failed 100s of times on many things and a few successes too.  So I am obsessed with success and failure and have made it my life’s work to study these two phenomenon.  I read, research and write motivational & success articles, inspirational quotes and compile resources as a way of my own learning.  I hope it is as interesting for you as it is for me!


It’s Good To Be Rich! There’s an old story that when he was the wealthiest man in the world, J. Paul Getty’s brother sent him a letter that began, “To the Wealthiest man in the world, from the Richest man in the world.” His brother was making the distinction between cash and true riches.”This past couple of weeks, I’ve been with to some of the most wonderful, motivated, grounded and value-centered people in the world. I’ve played golf, gone for long walks, enjoyed the sounds of the silence and the sound of fish jumping in the lake. I’ve walked and talked with Mary, and read great books. I’ve slept in, and been up before dawn.  I’ve danced, eaten fresh-caught fish, and renewed old friendships.”How rich is that!?


(Last Updated: April 22nd, 2017)

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  1. This is awesome , this message has help me to change how i feel inside .Your message is a food for the mind.thank you so much.

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