How to Free Up Some “Mind Power”

How to Free Up Some "Mind Power"

This is a simple, yet powerful exercise that you can do anytime that you feel burned out, stressed out or overwhelmed… It will help you clear your mind of clutter, and remove some of the ‘mental energy drainers’ out of the way.


Think about it as of doing a maintenance routine on you computer – organizing files in folders, running a disk cleanup and so on.

Here is how it goes…

Take some time alone, in a quite place where you won’t be bothered. Take a sheet of paper and your favorite pen. Now start writing. Don’t judge yourself and don’t think too much about it, just write whatever comes to your mind…. Start by writing down ‘things to do’ – errands, stuff that you’ve been planning to do but haven’t found the time, anything, from taking out the garbage, going over the mail, organizing your drawers, calling your mother…

Write and write until you’re sure there’s nothing left out.Next, write anything that is bothering you, any aspect in your life that you don’t like, anything that you’re afraid of, anything that is draining you out of energy or ‘taking too much space’ in your mind.When you’re done, go over your to-do list. Cross off anything that is not really important. Then divide, prioritize and set a schedule – things to do today, things to do this week, this month and so on.

You can put them into a calendar, in a journal or write them on little notes and stick them on the fridge, whatever you prefer.Now go over the second list and cross off things that aren’t really worth your energy and decide NOT to let yourself be bothered with them. Then go on and plan how you’re going to deal with what’s left on the list.

I suggest that you do this exercise on a regular basis, once a week or so. You’ll see for yourself how it frees up some ‘mind power’.


(Last Updated: April 22nd, 2017)

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