The Characters of Leader When Things Get Tough

The Characters of Leader When Things Get Tough

Today I bought a book. It is a book about an old country leader who was ousted by Coup d’etat. He then now has to be exiled to another country. He used to be considered one of the most successful persons in the world. He is respected both domestically and internationally. Yet, there are many people do not like him due to whatever reasons which I do not know much. But this is not the main theme we would like to discuss here. The interesting thing in his story is that he has some characteristics that are related to success. The characteristics are important to be employed when things get tough in life. Most of the people in this world do not have these characteristics. This is why they are still in their miserable phase of life. Here are what I found out to be the character of the leader when things are against you in life and you have no where to go. You have no one to consult and have no friend around you.


Leader can be found in tough situation

1. Be positive that this will be over

Some time everything seems to be up against you. Nothing seems to work and you are in desperate condition. This is when you need your mind power the most. You need to understand the circle of life. If you are in marketing, you must certainly know product life cycle. The product that is launched onto the market has the different phase of development. It has the cycle of ups and down. From zero, the product’s sales go up to the peak level. Stay there for awhile and then start to decline. Unless we do something in marketing activities to create another cycle, the product will die from the market. This is very similar to our real life. We have ups and down. When we are in the down phase, we need to learn to use bad experiences to be our lesson to thrive on. We have to know that nothing lasts forever. The bad situation will soon pass and we will be stronger learning from what has happened.

2. Be busy on their mission no matter what happened

The leaders are the action oriented people. They take action relentlessly no matter how bad the situation is. They do not stop taking action. They find something else to do when there is a stop sign to their current mission. They know that the result comes from taking action. Positive actions bring positive results. They do not stop learning. Nor do they stop looking at their goals.

3. Do not complain or wind

When things get tough and create difficulties in our lives, it is easy to point the figure to others and blame them for causing us trouble. We know that it will not help the situation. On the contrary, blaming or complaining pollute your mind and make you neglect your responsibilities on your life. It create negative image in your mind. One negative image can lead to another.

At the end, series of negative images can be in your mind. As we learned from the law of attraction, what the mind think of a lot will bring in the reality. Negative thinking will attract negative event into your life according to the law of attraction. We need to beware of that.We need to be the leader in our lives. In order to be a good leader, we need to learn some characteristics especially when the situation is not in our favor.


(Last Updated: April 22nd, 2017)

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  1. Lead how you would like to be led. Treat people how you would like to be treated. The freedom with have now in society leading has become a more democratic process which I think is a good thing.

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