Happiness Is a Choice, Yes or No?

Happiness is a choice, do you believe that? People are constantly seeking “things”. We seek new cars, new houses, new partners, new clothes. We also seek new, additional family members, but what are we ultimately seeking? We are seeking “happiness”. Why? If Happiness Is a Choice – Why Do We Read More

Quick Tip for Building Self Control

Just had to get it out quickly… when you catch yourself seconds from doing something other than what you know you should be doing… Just ask yourself: “What do I really want to do right now?” You see, many times, especially when we’re tired or “week” (because we’re stressed, angry, hungry etc) we Read More

Stop Procrastinating in 5 Easy Steps

Do you find yourself avoiding tasks and responsibilities, putting off your goals and plans? I’m sure you do. We all do sometimes.Here are the most practical, quickest and simplest methods I use to get myself to stop procrastinating and start DOING… 1. Confront yourself Acknowledge the fact that you’re procrastinating, Read More

Inspire Yourself with Checklists

It’s often difficult to inspire yourself to action. Checklists can work wonders in this department, so I wanted to introduce you to them through a quick story.Picture this: you’re slouching on the couch with your feet up and the TV on. You flip through channels, thinking to yourself, “I should really go use Read More

Nutrition for Energy and Health

Unless you are (or planning to be) a professional athlete, proper nutrition shouldn’t be hard or complicated. In fact, sticking to healthy eating habits can be quite easy… Follow these three simple healthy nutrition guidelines and you will be better off than most people when it comes to your energy Read More

5 Simple Ways to Become More Assertive

Being assertive comes with a lot of benefits. You become the center of attention. Your ideas get heard, and you get what you want more often. Unfortunately, assertiveness doesn’t come naturally to everybody. A lot of people actually grow up withdrawn, insecure and unmotivated.Here are a few simple actions you Read More

Proper Nutrition for Natural Healing

As you may know, many illnesses come as a result of nutritious deficiencies. Our body requires nourishment, and when we don’t get some the essential nutrients, we can quickly get sick and also go through a long recovery period. Healthy eating includes correctly proportioned protein and carbohydrate intake and crucial vitamins and Read More

How to Free Up Some “Mind Power”

This is a simple, yet powerful exercise that you can do anytime that you feel burned out, stressed out or overwhelmed… It will help you clear your mind of clutter, and remove some of the ‘mental energy drainers’ out of the way. Think about it as of doing a maintenance routine Read More

Oversleeping – Causes and Effects

If you oversleep often, you’re not alone. I personally used to sleep for about 10 hours, and sometimes even up to 14 hours a “night”, at least a couple of times a week, even when I had important things to do.I can tell you from my own experience – oversleeping Read More

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